Measuring Your Kitchen

The following is a step-by-step guide for drawing and measuring your kitchen.
Note: All of your measurements should be in inches. For example, if you measure a wall that is 10 feet, write is as 120 inches.

Step One

Gather the following items.


Print a copy of our planning sheet or use graph paper

Metal Tape Measure


Step Two

Measure the ceiling height and write it in the spot provided on the planning sheet. Take measurements from a few locations since the heights can vary especially in older homes.

Measure the door heights, window heights as shown in the following pictures.

Record the measurements for each of the doors and windows on the planning sheet as shown below. If you have more doors or windows then spaces provided use the back of the sheet to record the measurements.

Step Three

Draw a rough outline of your kitchen on the planning sheet. It doesn’t need to be exact since you will be measuring the dimensions later. Use the following symbols in your drawing for doors, windows, and obstructions.


Step Four

Draw in any obstructions such as radiators, pipes, plumbing, etc. that you either cannot or don’t want moved. If you are remodeling, do not include current cabinetry or other furniture that will not be kept, such as kitchen tables, in your measurements.


Step Five

Beginning at the top left of your drawing, label each of your windows and doors to match the measurements you recorded on the sheet


Step Six

Beginning at the top left of your drawing, label each of your outlets and switches with the symbols listed below.


Step Seven

Beginning at the top left of your drawing measure to the first window, door, or wall. Continue clockwise around the room until each wall, window and door has been measured.

Measure the distance between the walls and any obstructions that you have marked on the planning sheet.